Sunny day & Colourful Wall


So, i just spend my weekend with my bestfriends. We go outside the city by car, not too far and not too long, just 3 days 2 night. What so special about this trip is because this is our first holiday trip , i mean 100% holiday, because my last trip with them is about doing our project and that's not a holiday. So, yaah it's enough to be our short escape from campus life, and also i have mid-term exam next week. Wish me luck then!

Of course, i take some photos while walking arround, and because i move to one place to another i decide to wear comfortable clothes, not too tight like skinny jeans, because, i'm not in the mood for it, lol. Must bring item for me walking arround under the sun, of course sunglasses! Not only because the sunlight can cause dark spot, but of course to protect my eyes, so i still look cool on camera. 
Wearing comfortable and casual clothes on holiday is pretty important for me, so i choose this stripe top, a matching dark green army pashmina, sunnies, postman bag in red and for statement piece i choose this multi-pants.

i called this multi-pants because it can be worn as a skirt or a wide cullottes like that. Comfortable yet stylish bottom for me to travel. To complete my look i pair it with my favorite nike sneakers (which i don't know what type it is, so sorry). So, i hope y'all have a good weekend and weekdays, cheers.

xx, cipy

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