Yogyakarta photo diary (1)


Hello everybody^^
i'm finally coming back (again) and this post is freshly writed after i'm back from Yogyakarta. So, i went to Yogyakarta for eid mubarak, because my family this year held the eid annual event, or called 'Syawalan' at the city where i were born, Yogya. This city for me always leaving a good memories, and i always want to coming back. Didn't surprise if so many domestic and non-domestic tourists come to this cultural city.

i didn't take pictures when i'm at the event, because it was too crowded, and there's almost 700 people in the room. So, that's pretty hard for me to taking pictures at the event. But, i did taking pictures at the day after. The picture above taken in front of my hotel, when i'm ready to checkout and moved to another hotel. I found that background is pretty cute and has that brand's name written in "aksara jawa", so, i ask my dad to help me taking picture in this cute bakpia store.

Outfit that i'm wearing in this post is pretty casual and comfy, because i'm here for holiday, i don't want to be too 'formal'. I'm wearing :

1. Green Knitted Top. this top is so comfortable because it doesn't makes me sweat at all, and the material isn't too thick. Also, the colour is cheerful but not too vibrant. Since this is a cheerful moment ( it's eid and holiday!^^) so, i decided to dress myself a little bit bright, so mine is this Greeny colour!
2. Tribal Hijab. I'm wearing pashmina hijab with tribal pattern. Altiugh it's a pattern, but the colour isn't to bright or too vibrand, the colour is dominated by grey and the little pattern is mostly green and orange, so, i didn't look too much.
3. Denim Pants. I always rolled up my skinny pants, i don't know why, but i just feels better that way, *lol
4 Nike Shoes. Idk, maybe this one isn't really sneakers, but anyway i just found this matching with most of my travelling outfit, and of course it just so comfy, i don't mind to run or even walk for miles with this shoes.

aand, this is the hotel i moved to..

 Maybe, some of you have watched AADC 2 , and familiar with the other side of this hotels ? it's so famous right now, and they have such a fresh and different concept than usual hotels..
I will write more about my stay and outift at Jogja on the next post ;)

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  1. awesome photos. LOVE

    Natalie Off Duty


  2. the hotel looks so cool omg<3 It's so instagram-able views^^ haha
    aku suka green knit topnya! green is such a nice color x


  3. Cool!

    Kindly see and leave a comment at http://www.farrellgerard.blogspot.com Thankyou! :)