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Hello Groovies^^

Listening to music can be a therapy for us, to express our feelings, show our emotion or just simply to enjoy the moment. My kind of playlist has been  like theese playlist lately. When i'm at junior high school, i listen to various kind of music, such as pop, rock, even K-pop or Korean Pop. Yes, i listen to them. I still listen to some of Kpop music, but not much as when i'm in that age. Senior High school brings me to this kind of alternative kind of music, which is my friends are the influencer for me to listen this music,, and surprisingly i liked it. Bands that i most listening to at that time is Coldplay ( untill now, it's my superb favorite band all time), Oasis, Five For Fighting, Kodaline, and many more
 I listen to mostly pop and rock, and alternative songs. This genre doesn't makes me bored even i replays the same song like 5 times in a row. 

But, after i entered university you know, EDM kind of music has been so hype untill now! But, i don't find myself really enjoyed this music, nope. I liked it, but not as much as i enjoy alternative songs.  Finally internet brought me here, to theese dope! songs. So calm, and i feel like this kind of music i'd like to play all day long, especially when it's night or in a rainy day. Mostly they're not-so-popular artists here, but their music gives you different taste than the others, so good. Theese sick playlist i want to share with you, i think it's great for you to listen in a rainy day, accompany your me-time, or staring at the ocean mixing with sounds of beachwaves, or simply when you want to enjoy the moment..

here we go :

1. Without you by Oh Wonder

2. Heartsigh by Purity Ring

3. Sunrise sunset by We Are Trees

4.  Pretty Thoughts by Alina Baraz

5.  Perempuan yang sedang dalam pelukan by Payung Teduh

6. i'm Sorry by Swell

7. Take Care of you by Saje

8. We can't be friends by Dream Koala

9. Swept Away by Vanilla

All videos here belongs to the owners, and the source are from youtube ^^, also, if you want to listen more song like this, you also can checkout Majestic casual on youtube.
enjoy you night your tunes, your day
xx, cipy
Instagram : putrislh

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6 komentar

  1. thanks for sharing your favorite music genre :)

  2. Love Swept Away!


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