Beach Day



so, last weekend i went outside town with my friends, to spend our early holiday. Yes, i'm already on a holiday now. We went to Malang, and we stayed at my house. On Sunday, we decided to go to South Malang, to visit some beach there. It tooks maybe 2 hours to get there, so far i think, and the way to get there not always good, we've through the forest, the hill, small and damaged roads, feels a lil bit adventurous, lol. After the long long way, we're finally arrived

we visited 2 beach there, the first one is Goa cina beach, this is one of the famous beach here, in malang, and don't surprise it's famous beacuse it's absolutely prettty beach. there's stones in the middle of the ocean, and the sand is white, so pretty and photoable. I don't took so many photos here, because that day is a long holiday week, and the beach was so crowded , so many people outside Malang came here, to enjoy the view of the beach.

the next beach we vsited is batu bengkung beach, i rarely hear the name of this beach, but this beach is abosuletly pretty just like goa china, but i think there's more spot to enjoy the view of the beach. when the sea receded we can walk to the stone in the middle of the beach, towards the sea, it's similiar to tanah lot in Bali. 

what i wore :
knitted top in mustard
lace square scarf
patterned pants

xx, cipy

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