2017 New year resolutions ?


Hi there!
So, now we're already in the future, (well, at least for me). When i was a kid, i always wondering how my future will be, how am i , when i'm 20 or something. and actually, now it's happen. I'm 20 last year, and this year i'll be in legal age, they said.
Soo, for me this is the future, the gate is open now to another path in my life. I didn't write down my resolution this year like anyone else, i don't think i need to. But, instead of write down my bucket list or resolution this year, i prefer to start a new habit, which is write down my to-do-list for everyday, especially for weekdays. For me, it's more realistic, when i know what stuff i should done everday, for this time and for tomorrow. Honestly last year, i've been so everthinking, so many stuffs in my head that i hope i should've done, but ended up nothing. Then i realize, that's too many, and i didn't know where to start, what should i do to start this stuffs, and i didn't planned it well, everything just run in my head, untill everything is like tangled threads, sometimes i feels like it will exploded, well not really actually (that's hyperbola, lol). but, as time goes, i realize that's not good and i need to fixed it. 2017 just start, and it's all begin.
Actually, my biggest resolution this year, is to be more productive, make more friends, and more focused. Learnt from the past, i can't focus to one or two things, my brain have so many bubbles of ideas, that seems impossible. So, this year i start with 2 big stuffs, and write down the plan to achieve the goals. I need to write down things on my head, everyday, so that i knew, what to do next. I need explanation of it, from myself and to myself.
note to start this new year, don't be overwhelmed with the excitement of new year, you know life is not only sunshine and rainbows. You must prepare yourself, (and myself ofc) for a heavy rain and cloudy sky. :)
:) start with big smile and big heart for this year, may this year will brings joy to me, you, our family, their family, and everyone :)

xoxo, cipy

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