What happened in January


i'm now still on holiday, and spend more time on the internet actually, scrolling through instagram feeds, watching some youtube videos, and exploring new blogs. I think why not write about my daily activities or weekly maybe, so i can picture what happened during that weeks in here.
So, to starting off this kind of post, i will talk about some interesting stuffs that happened in January.

first, i spend my new year a.k.a my first week on January, at malang with big fam there. Not really explored the city, but i do visited a cool cafe near my home, called  Camillo Cafe. this cafe has a unique concept, because it's located in a higher place of malang, but instead of catch the city view from the height, they set up the outdoor area inside a teak forest! which is, cool ambience, but when it comes to the foods and drinks menu, i don't think it's the best, but it was okay. because their price range is between 15-35k if i'm not mistaken, and for me compared to Surabaya's cafe it's pretty cheap.

i'm wearing :
daisy shirt 
denim jacket ( stradivarius )
boyfriend jeans 
nike sneakers ( nike ) 

second, i visited place called 'Omah Kayu' that's actually a tree house, this one is famous in Malang, i forgot the name of the area, but it's located at Gunung Banyak, just search it on google maps or waze, and you'll get there. the place is actually cool, but when get there it was raining, and i had to wait untill it stops because the tree house is outdoor and became so slippery when it's wet, so be careful when it's rain there

third, i met my highschool and elementary bestfriends! so difficult to match the schedule between us, because we're in different university, and busy with our own activity, and could meet up only during short or long holiday only, lol this my highschool friends, anisa and nabila, we called ourselves forever16, cuz we don't wanna get old, or refuse to be 17 and becoming adult ( at that time, lol ) 

and this is maharani, my elementary bestfriends, and we've just met after 13 years!!!! so much things we talked that day, girls just met after 13 years, of course we had bunch of things to talked and share about. we went out got ice cream at la ricchi, and then ate pasta at le ezmod. 

i always had a good time spend while meeting old friends, it brings back memories but also good to talked about what happened right now, and what their plan for the future .

fourth, my bestfriend Della, is celebrate her birthday party by inviting me, citra, and asa s to a casual lunch, and like usual, when we're together we always being crazy and gossiping stuffs, from important to the most unimportant one, lol

so that's the highlight of January, and i always look up for more exciting stuffs happened in the next months! ^^
xoxo, Cipy

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