Hello bloggers and readers and fashion lovers, or whoever you are, hi!
So, i'm back, after missing for two months, or more ? yes, i've been busy with college stuffs, and i've missed writing a lot. And by the time i sit here writing this post and finally posted this, i finally have day off... Before my final test. yaash.. ( at least day off , yow!) I mean, i usually got a day off, but, i have not enough time to think in front of this screen and start typing for this blog, because when i open this screen and keyboard things, it's ended up browsing for my assigment, and.. some movies. Because, you know.. time to relax. And also, i'm still learning to taking a good photos with good lighting and edited a lighting a lil bit, so, it looks nice for you to see ;)

So, this post has been in my writing list for a month. Featuring my favorite pieces of clothes. 

So, this time i turned out wearing an edgy style. So, edgy looks, gives you a strong, confident, and bold looks at the same time. it represent your bold personality. I don't usually put everything edgy at the same time, but this kind of outift makes me feel cool (well, becaiuse not all of this are wearable, but, so stylish, i can't resist). also, i put on my bold ankle boots that i got from Pull and Bear. I love this stuff because, it doesn't only gives me an edgy look at my feet, but also a touch of fenimine looks, i mean look at that heels! Isn't a mini heels as well, but, it comfortable to wear. It doesnt hurt much like stilettos (but, stilletto makes you looks sexy, k)

And also, i'm now currently working on my upcoming youtube channel ! yay!
I'm wearing ,
Scarf : unbranded 
top : Paprika
Cullottes : Namirah The Label
Ankle Boots : Pull and Bear

Stay Bold , Stay Gold 
xx, Cipy 

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3 komentar

  1. Oh that look is just amazing! Love the colours and how you combined them!

    1. thankyou ^^, nice to know you and your blog is so cool ;)

  2. Salam perkenalan! It's great that you are pursuing something you have a passion for - all the best in you studies & fashion! :D