Penang Aesthetics


So, during my holiday time on beginning of August 2016, i visited Penang, Malaysia for the first time. This cultural city is so aesthetic, especially for the old building all arround the city. So, many history and interesting place to take a pic, but here i share to you some of my favorites. And also, they have such delicious food range. but, if you're moslem like me, maybe you have to be a lil bit picky, because most of their chineese food are non-halal. I suggest to eat in a mall or cafe or at depot nasi kandar, because mostly they sell halal food there. But,it was a very nice time to spend my short 5 day-off here!
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place that i visited is Pinang Peranakan Museum, and exploring the street arround there because mostly the tourist destination is near that museum, and also the cool buildings is near it, so you can take a good photos there.
outfits :
Sunnies : vintage finds
Top : cardigan from forever 21 , paprika, olin's workrobe
Pants : Levi's , et cetera
shoes : rubi
xx, cipy

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  2. Beautiful place dear! great photos! --and that up there (intl directory, is a scam!)
    Instagram @grace_njio