Casual Day


Assalamualaikum ,

Hey, lovies ^^,
So, this past few weeks is so hectic, because it's closer to the mid of this semester. College things are growing so fast, with it's task and project. But, this day (when i was taking this picts) i have a task from one of my lecturer to interview about job desc in a company. Then, me and my team went to coffee shop at downtown of Surabaya and interviewed the supervisor. I was wearing my casual go to style because i just lazy to pick an outfit with details *what?

So, this may be a lazy style outfits for casual day, good for a chit chat time with bestie, in a sunny day of Surabaya, you won't wear something too thick or layered, because, you know this country always have summer season although it's rainy season. Don't be confused ;)

aaand, here i am, wearing my navy scarf, comfy denim shirt as an outer with my loose polka pants, and my comfy gunny shoes ..

 and my red postman bag! that's my fav ^^ got it from Accessorize London

and, it's me while waiting for my food ^^ *apologize this duckface

Some styling tips for cozy casual day:
^ Wear something loose. don't tighten up your feet all day
^Wear your comfy flatshoes, sandal or shoes. No heels is better
^Good material of your outfit is important
^Bring small or medium bag. Don't bring your college or school bag, it's too big. or you can bring a small pouch ^^

Stay cozy ,

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